California's High-Speed Rail Traveling a Difficult Political Track

WASHINGTON -- California’s high-speed rail plan is heading for some “Perils of Pauline” moments on Capitol Hill. This week, reinforcing past resistance, a Republican-controlled House panel put two more obstacles in the way of the state’s ambitious rail plan. For various political and budgetary reasons, the latest proposed impediments may fade away in time.

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High-Speed Rail Will Give a Boost to California

By the end of this summer, the High-Speed Rail Authority will turn the first shovel to start California and the United States on a road of recovery — a recovery that will revive and maintain our position as a premium player in the world economy. Dan Richard, chairman, and board members of the California High-Speed Rail Authority have compiled and published a statement that thoroughly describes the planning, design, funding and building of a futuristic transportation system that will rival and surpass any network in the world.

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California High-Speed Rail Is Moving Forward

California’s high-speed rail project has gotten the green light to begin even with many political obstacles still on the table. The overseeing board of the California high-speed rail project has said that the first 65-mile stretch of rail between Fresno and Merced will be exempt from the requirement that railway construction first obtain prior approval from the federal board.

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Tutor Perini Executes Contract and Receives NTP for San Francisco Central Subway Project

SYLMAR, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Tutor Perini Corporation (NYS: TPC) , a leading civil and building construction company, today announced that it has executed a contract with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) valued at approximately $840 million for the Third Street Light Rail Program Phase 2 - Central Subway Stations, Surface, Track and Systems. The SFMTA has also issued its notice to proceed and the Company has begun its initial work on the project.

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